•  A cricket bat is not going to look new forever & cracks will appear with use.
  • Bats are made of a natural timber & have an incredibly hard task of hitting a solid Cricket Ball repeatedly.
  • Cracks can occur during the Knocking-In process & do not necessarily resemble a fault/defect
  • Cracking may be an indication of insufficient Knocking-In, improper preparation/use, soft willow, bad quality cricket ball, etc.
  • A small amount of cracking is normal & has no impact on the performance of the bat.
  • The lifespan of a bat depends on the amount of use & care taken.
  • Added protection such as anti-scuff sheet,fibre tape is highly recommended for enhanced longevity*
  • Some bats may require more/less preparation than initially advised. Knocking-In time is a general guide & does not mean that once you have completed the hours that your bat is ready. Eg if your Knocking-In has not been performed up to standards you could spend 30+ hours on your bat & it may still not be ready. 
  •  The price of a bat does not reflect the potential longevity of the willow. In fact, the more expensive bats are made of softer willow & though they will usually outperform cheaper bats, they may not last as long.
  • Humax Cricket usually provides services in..

IMPERFECTION IN WILLOW: Bats can have pin knots, specks, dead knots or any type of marks, even our top range bats can have knots behind the stickers of the bats, we give 3 months guarantee of bats with having knots behind the stickers(only if sticker is not removed ). If customer have to claim any type of warranty or guarantee on the bat then he is not allowed to remove the stickers of the bats. 


BAT WARRANTY PROCESS:  Humax Cricket does not cover any type of warranty and guarantee if customer remove the stickers of the bat ,Humax Cricket needs to see your bat to arrange the correct course of action following a warranty claim. Each claim will depend on the circumstances & is taken on a case to case basis. A course of action may include a repair, replacement, refund or having the service performed again. Humax Cricket will deal with any return of a bat purchased either from our official resellers, factory outlets or website. All cricket bats sold by Humax Cricket have a 3 month warranty against damage seemed to be manufacturing fault & no fault of the consumer. if customer wants free oiling knocking and in this process any damage happened to the bat then bat will not be changed, it will be  repaired. If customer takes any free service of engraving, oiling, knocking in these case bat will not be changed as it will be counted in a used bat.



  • Yorker damage to the toe of the bat
  • Damage that occurs due to ball hit on the  edges
  • Damage that occurs due to lack of Knocking/Playing In, machine Knocking-In or inaccurate play.
  •  Damage that occurs due to poor preparation/maintenance (e.g. scuff-sheet not apply , over/under oiling, etc)
  • Damage due to moisture (wet weather) or heat (do not leave in car boot/direct sunlight etc)
  • Damage from non-leather or composite balls (including bowling machine balls)
  •  Improper use (including hitting things others than cricket balls - e.g. stumps)

Cricket Bat Warranty may be voided if the above guidelines are not adhered to. Bats with broken handles, cracks & other minor occurrences within the warranty guidelines will be sent back to the manufacturer for repair. When making a warranty claim, proof of purchase needs to be supplied to Humax Cricket by the customer (receipt/bank statement).