HUMAX CRICKET was started in year 2018 by Mr.Sidharth Mehta, Sidharth is a professional cricketer, before starting Humax cricket  Sidharth has also represented  his state cricket team Haryana under -19(cooch behar trophy) and under-23( ck naidu trophy), have also played with many  international and ipl players.

Humax Cricket is a platform for all type of players to get best cricket products in their budget, Humax Cricket aims to provides good balance and ping of the bats which is made by master craftsmen for better profile of the bat,our goal is to be India’s only premium brand who gives best bats in customers budget.


As we have mentioned earlier  Humax Cricket is started by Mr Sidharth Mehta who himself is a professional cricketer, being a professional cricket Sidharth gives their best to check the balance,ping ,profile of the bats. All bats made by master craftsmen under the guidelines of Mr Sidharth.